How To Loop YouTube Videos endlessly

Loop YouTube Videos forever: – Most of you could be mad about particular films or songs which you may feel like watching repeatedly. You must have implemented the normal series; Navigate on to Facebook, look for the favorite movie, reload it again on observing once and enjoy the fun altogether. But don’t you believe it’s somewhat a waste of time, awaiting the complete video to refill all over again? Or rather, it consumes more of the network bandwidth too! You won’t have long in your busy schedules to turn within the clip often. Why not loop the video for how much ever moments you need just by training it once? If you are searching for How to Loop Youtube Videos on Mobile and How to Loop Youtube Videos on iPhone, then you are on right page. We will tell you how to loop youtube Videos.

There are a few techniques I’ll make you acquainted with. And the good news is, YouTube has replaced its video player towards the newest HTML5 version. This can help you hook on the films in almost any browser you desire. But unfortunately, the element isn’t yet available in the Facebook app on the cell phones. If you prefer the feature to become appropriate on your smartphones also, then you can follow the below-mentioned actions by opening YouTube within the phone’s web browser. You can also learn How to Loop Youtube Videos on Android.

To loop a movie on the Facebook desktop website, right-click the movie and select Hook. If you are employing a portable device, you may do the same thing if you fill the PC website inside your mobile browser, or you can download applications that can allow you to easily Loop films.

How To Loop YouTube Videos endlessly

How To Loop YouTube Videos endlessly

How To Loop YouTube Videos endlessly

Maybe you have wished to enjoy a facebook video repeatedly in a trap? Probably it’s track, a television show, a children video, music video, anything funny, whatever it is, you’d want to play it repeatedly on a loop. WhileYouTube is usually designed to enjoy a video once and sometimes stop playing or move onto another different movie in a playlist immediately, a hidden feature enables Facebook users to replay any movie in an infinite loop, without having to change to any methods, odd 3rd party websites, questionable downloads, or whatever else. The newest YouTube looping playback function is built straight into the browser-based player and is simple to use. Also, you will learn Youtube Loop Chrome, Loop Mp4 Video and How to Loop a Video on Youtube App.

To Loop, a video with YouTube for infinitely repeated play, make sure to are using today’s browser. Whether that’s Opera, Opera, or Firefox doesn’t subject, provided that it’s a brand new type, it should support the looping video feature. The trap trick also operates the same on any OS, so that it shouldn’t issue if you’re on Mac OS X, Windows, or Linux. The rest is truly easy, and it works with any movie or video that’s on Facebook or from YouTube, even when they’re set on a website.

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Method 1: By A Right Click

If your browser is supporting HTML 5, then press the Shift key and right click on the video. You will get a menu as shown below.
Click on the Loop option.

  • Without taking away your finger from the Shift key, right click again.
  • Now you will get a different menu with Loop at the top.
  • Click on it. Now the video play for you again and again.

Method 2 : Editing The Url On The Address Bar

  • Note this sample URL:
  • Copy the string just next to “v=” of your URL.

  • Replace the string which I have marked in the screenshot with the string you have just copied. This needs to be done in the both marked places.
  • This creates a separate playlist exclusively, where you can loop it over and over.

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