You TV Player Apk Download the Latest Version For Android and iOS

Sometimes passing the leisure time is one of the most difficult tasks to do. You are there alone at home or stuck in a waiting line or any other lonely situation you fail to figure out on how to pass this time. Usually, this time feels to be so lengthy. Do not worry we bring you a way to pass the time. You can turn on the television and watch some movies or shows anywhere and at any time now. Here we are sharing You TV Player Apk direct download links.

If we go on a time travel to 30-40 years ago we will see houses with boxes shaped television sets with black and white screen and a list of very limited channels. Channels were certainly limited to maximum 4 or 5. Television has literally evolved so much. History has been changed from being black and white to multi colors. Now, people enjoy the shows and movies in a colored print, unlike the older times.

Another common feature we see in today’s world of television is that we can watch our shows in high definition and high quality. In the matter of quality, latest has been the 4K resolution. Though this 4K High Definition resolution has not been able to reach to every tv set.

You TV Player Apk Download:

You TV Player App

Talking about TV Sets, the physical look has also been changed. From the typical boxes, we are now there with slim LEDs. They are as thin as normal book size width ways. Also, currently we are not restricted to a number of channels. The number of channels has crossed the mark of two thousand and we are yet to see much more in upcoming years. What is so special about these channels is that they have their own online source. Yes, you can watch TV shows from different channels online through an Internet connection on your PC and a smartphone. Almost every TV Channel can now be streamed online with the help of a strong Internet connection. This online trend has helped the companies to gain new watchers from the whole world. As these sources of watching their channels and shows telecasted on them in the whole world which allows them to gain new watchers for their channel. This also increases the daily or weekly TRP rating of a show.

Coming back to the main focus of the article, you can simply watch television anywhere and whenever you want to. You do not need to carry television set with you every time. Television has become handy because of this enhancement in the technology. You can watch TV on your mobile phones too. For that, you need to download you tv apk for Android or you tv apk for iOS. On how to download them, you need to read the article till the end.

You TV Player Apk Features:

You TV Player Apk is one of the most popular applications on the web. You can watch free TV on You TV apk and download you tv free. You can even download You tv for PC. It can run on every platform and comes with many different features which have been given below:

  1. You can watch unlimited tv shows from different national and international channels for free. You do not need to pay a single penny on You TV.
  2. You TV works fine even on a 3G connection making it easy for the viewers to enjoy the show without any disturbance of buffering and watch their favorite shows in real time.
  3. A different variety of channels is there on You TV apk. From comedy to cartoon to kids to the cinema, you will find different genres of channels which make it easy for the users to search what they want to watch.
  4. You can even watch your already downloaded videos with the help of You TV. It also comes with a unique feature of protecting the files with a password pin. Thus, maintaining the privacy of its users.
  5. You TV app also work as a social media platform for finding new people. You can find new online buddies to chat with and have different interactions with the help of the Internet. You can have conversations with them and ask for any help or suggestion regarding the app or any movie or other matter.
  6. You TV also takes care of its users by providing an option of ‘Setting the reminder’. With the help of push notifications, it can satisfy your online TV needs.

You TV Player Apk for Android:

For Android users, You TV Apk comes just under the size of 25 MB. This solves any upcoming issue of storage. As this application is very low in size, it is one of the most popular apps among the Android users.

For using You TV App on your Android smart phone, you need to know how to download the application. We have given the steps to download below. Make sure you follow the instructions given below as they are mentioned.

Step 1: Open the Google search bar on your Android phone. Enter ‘You TV Player Apk’ and you will find many third party links. Simply click on any one link and download the apk from it.

Step 2: When the download is complete. Open the apk and click on install button. It will ask you to allow permission to install app from unknown sources.

Step 3: After you have given your Android phone the permission to install app from unknown sources then run the apk.

Step 4: Now simply run the application and install it.

That’s it. Enjoy You TV on your Android phone once the installation process is completed.

You TV Player for iPhone:

Currently, You TV Apk is incompatible with iPhone and other iOS devices. In coming months (or maybe years) there is a huge probability for You TV to come for iPhone and other iOS devices. In case it comes, you should know on how to enjoy the free TV on your iPhone. For accessing You TV Player on your iPhone whenever the app is made available for iOS format, follow these steps:

Step 1: Download the apk file of You TV from any trustable third party website. You can find this on a Google search.

Step 2: If your iPhone is not rooted then you must allow your iPhone to download and install apk from unknown sources. For doing that you should ‘tick’ on the permission to install applications from unknown sources.

Step 3: Install the application by clicking on the install option. It will take a few seconds to complete the installation process. Do not reboot your iOS device while the installation process is going on.

Step 4: Once the installation process is completed, click on ‘Done’ option. Come back to the home screen of your home page and you will see the icon of You TV on it.

These are the steps on how to install You TV on your iPhone.

You TV Player Apk for PC:

You TV was not originally made for PC and Laptop. But you can run You TV on your PC. Just follow the given steps below which allow you to use You TV Player on your PC.

Step 1: Use Google search engine and look for You TV Apk. Download the file and save it in the desired location.

Step 2: As there is no direct way to run You TV on your PC, you need an Android Emulator to run You TV. Best option for an Android Emulator is Bluestacks. You can download the extension from its official website for free. Install it after downloading.

Step 3: Third step is to set up the Google Emulator you have downloaded. For running Bluestacks you need to sign in with a Google account. This account allows you to download the applications from the Google Play Store.

Step 4: Now open the apk file you have downloaded earlier, through Bluestacks. You can drag the apk file in Bluestacks or right click on the file and click on open file with Bluestacks.

Step 5: Now install this apk. Once the installation is complete, you will receive a notification regarding the successful installation.

That’s it. Enjoy your favorite TV Shows on your PC with the help of You TV Player.

FAQs on You TV Player Apk:

Does You TV Player Apk  work on iPhone?

No. You TV is not compatible with iPhone or any other iOS device. But there is a probability of You TV being made available for iOS users. You need to wait for the official announcement by them on such release, which is likely to happen in few months.

Is You Tv player on Google Play Store?

No. You TV is not uploaded on the Google Play Store. Some apps are there with the same name but none of them is original. Out of these one app is there which is named same as the real one but possesses only a little of all the features of You TV Player.

What’s new on You TV?

With the recent update, You TV provides a huge collection of TV Shows and movies which you can enjoy at any place anytime and whenever you want to.

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